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Aching for God...

These past couple of months have been pretty rough for me emotionally, physically and spiritually. Emotionally, I have been dealing with some heart aches, soul aches and spirit aches as I have let thoughts about my family members salvation, my own insecurities and problems and the thoughts of losing a loved one roll around and around in my mind. Physically, I have been struggling with headaches, stomachaches and body aches that are all a result of doing too much...too much work, too much fast food, too much stress! Spiritually, I have been praying for God to do something...anything really… to help me be at peace in this stage of my life, when I feel, so many things are bombarding me.

I began to really think about why I was aching all over. As I considered my emotional and physical aches, I realized that they were all due to excess...too much! And then I realized that my spiritual ache was due to lack...not enough word, not enough prayer time, not enough of sitting still and listening for my daily assignment from God. Instead, I was giving Him assignments!

As I sought God, intentionally and deliberately…focusing once again on practicing my purpose, I realized the importance of the scripture, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (Matthew 6:33). This verse reminds me to first take care of my spiritual ache, that place in me that longs for God and the space that only God can fill. And then, God will take care of my emotional and physical aches. I am realizing that I don’t have to be entangled in the excess of thinking too much, worrying too much, or trying so hard to fill empty voids in my life with people, places and things that only serve as temporary fillers. All I really have to do is focus on my assignment in the Kingdom and let God do the rest...Always remembering that when I work, God rests, and when I rest, God works!

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