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2020: A Clearer Vision

As I sat down to write my first blog in two years, I expected something prolific to flow from my fingers. Grandiose thoughts and ideas that would be sure to change the hearts and minds of all who dared to read my words. I already had the title picked out...”I’M BACK!”


Not so!

Not about me!

Not what this blog is for!

That’s what the Holy Spirit reminded me. This blog was started, in fact, to share the lessons from my faith, or lack thereof, how God worked it for my good in the end, and how His love and word renews minds and transforms lives!

So here’s what the Holy Spirt asked me to share!

A Clearer Vision

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! It is 2020 and all of the parallels made to having and keeping perfect vision abound. However, I am taking a slightly different approach. Instead of declaring this as a year for perfect vision, I am declaring this as a year for clearer vision.

This thought about having a “clearer vision” came to me while having dinner with a friend. I knew immediately when I said the words that the Holy Spirit was giving me the title for my return blog. What I didn’t know was what the connection and relevance to my life He wanted to teach me.

While I was driving, I was reminded how badly I need to get new glasses. The glasses I now wear help me see, but it has been about two years since I got my last pair, and while I can see better with them, they don’t work as well as they used too. My vision is impaired...far away things are blurry and close up things are a bit out of focus. I can make things out like stop signs or speed limit signs, things that I have seen before and things that I am familiar with, but if it is something new...forget about it! I can’t tell what it is!

The strange thing is that I do have a new prescription, but I haven’t filled it yet. Why? I don’t know, too busy, too something! As I continued to ponder that question, I got mad at myself and said aloud, “why haven’t you gotten your prescription filled? Don’t you want to be able to see more clearly?” Ahh! There is the Holy Spirit again, teaching me, guiding me, helping me to see more clearly!

In this new season, I ask you -- How is your eyesight? Do you need a new prescription? Or like me, do you know what you need to do, but have not done anything you can declare as progress? Are you barely making out the vision God has for your future? Can you only see what is familiar to you?

Jeremiah 29:11, one of my favorite scriptures says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” As we enter this year and decade, I believe that God wants us to get a clearer vision of what his plan to prosper us is, what we should be hoping for and what our future is. So join me in 2020 as I seek to clearly see the Lord in all things and give Him honor, praise and glory no matter the circumstances!



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