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Be Prepared to Stop!

Today on my way to work I came upon a long line of orange and white cones that led me to stay in the middle lane. The turning lane I usually take was closed because of construction. As I followed the cones and complied with their gentle encouragement to stay in the middle lane, a big bright orange sign appeared that said, “Be Prepared to Stop”. In that moment, reading that sign, God began to stir something up in my spirit. I asked aloud, “Lord, why would someone have to be prepared to STOP?” Just saying the question aloud, gave me a quick chuckle, as the answer settled on me, “Because some people prepare for everything, but STOPPING!”

God is faithful and funny! How I really need to embrace this word right now. I recognize that sometimes God leads us to narrow places in our lives that require us to go in different directions than we had planned. But we must trust that by following this new path, God will keep us from being in dangerous territory. If I had ignored the cones, and kept going the way I usually go (the quickest route) I would have ended up in the huge hole dug by the construction workers. Likewise, when I don’t follow God’s gentle urging to go another way, even when it’s unfamiliar and may take a little longer, I always end up being in the hole!

So today, as you STOP and read this blog, I want to encourage you to be prepared to STOP...whatever it is that you are engaged in, and not be so committed to it that you don’t see the cones, gently directing you to slow down, change lanes and to be prepared to STOP! God wants us to be prepared to STOP... STOP and listen to Him speak to us, STOP and pray, STOP and enjoy life, STOP and pay attention to what someone else may need. Just be prepared to STOP!!

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