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JOIN NOW! Love for a Lifetime Discussion Group

I believe that when we love the way God asks us to love in our relationships they can really last a lifetime. But figuring out how exactly to do that can be very challenging. So join me in an online discussion that will help us to build and strengthen lasting love relationships in our lives.

We’ll begin our journey on February 1st and continue this exciting and uplifting discussion through the 14th. What we talk about will be limited to the ladies who register and join this special group - that will ensure our conversations are private and it will allow each of us the freedom to be open and honest so that we can truly receive the message God is revealing in each of our lives. We will use a process I call the Four R's: (Research, Relate, Respond and Reflect) to find the answers about love that God wants us to know. Here are the Four R’s:

  1. Research - Explore and dig deep into God's word and share what God says about love and how we can have relationships that last a lifetime.

  2. Relate - Discuss how God's word relates to us individually and as a couple and share lessons learned

  3. Respond - Practice doing God's word by engaging in practical strategies that builds and strengthens our relationships

  4. Reflect - Pause and think about how we did and can we do better

Some of the topics we will discuss will be taken from my 21 Day Daily Devotional "Love for a Lifetime: Learning to Love God's Way" and others will be generated from our discussion and your questions. Together we will learn what God says about love and relationships and share with each other some practical strategies that will help us to build “Love for a Lifetime”!

I will be praying that you will consider this wonderful opportunity to build and strengthen your love relationships. I am looking forward to sharing my devotional and hearing your questions and experience. I believe that God is going to do something phenomenal in us and through us. Don’t miss your blessing!

To join this discussion group search Facebook for Love for a Lifetime Discussion Group and ask to join. If you have questions please email me.

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