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Walking in the Plain

In life we have all experienced the amazing and the horrible, great joys and great sorrows, the mountaintops and the valleys! But what do we do when we experience the plain...the part of our journey, where there are no mountains to climb and no valleys to avoid...just flat land. It’s funny that the geographical term for plain (flat land with no trees) is so similar to the adjective term used for plain (undecorated, simple and ordinary, nothing special).

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, undecorated, flat and ordinary. In my prayers, I asked the Lord, “What is this?” “Why am I feeling so blah?!” Today, I received my answer, “You are walking in the plain.” I said, “The plain?” He said, “Yes, the plain.”

As I contemplated God’s response to me, I wondered how come the plain feels so blah, and why am I not just enjoying the fact that nothing is going on? Why is it that when I have the opportunity to rest and catch my breath, do I not fully appreciate the normal routines of my life? Why must I always be in the midst of something...celebration, grief, achievement, fixing?!

I must confess, that I don’t know if I am really ready to answer these questions truthfully. Doing so, would be admitting that I am either a drama queen or an overachiever... or worse yet, both! And that would just be...well you know. Whatever the case, I am choosing today to embrace the plain, to take a breath and enjoy the quiet, recognizing that my blah is really my blessing!



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