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The Room of Lost Words

At work we have what is affectionately known as the “Room of Lost Words”. The “Room of Lost Words” is a meeting room where leadership often gathers to discuss important issues about our organization and what key decisions need to be made. Often, during these robust discussions, one of us will say midsentence, “what’s the word I am trying to say?” or “You know the word...ugh what is it?” so that’s how the room got its name!

As I was rounding the corner at work today, and I passed the “Room of Lost Words”, I knew immediately that this was to be the topic of my blog for this month. I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have a room of lost words, in fact, I don’t have any issues with remembering the correct words to say!” But don’t stop reading yet, because I believe this message is for you too!

The message I received in my spirit about the “Room of Lost Words” is as simple as this...Don’t let your words go unspoken! Don’t let your words get lost in the midst of fear, doubt, unbelief, busyness, anger or pride! Speak Up! Let your words be heard and remembered!

Too often we leave things unsaid and we look back and replay conversations that we could have had and should have had. Missed opportunities for us to share our hearts with those who are important to us. Lost chances for us to be honest, transparent and even vulnerable with family, friends, and associates. What words have you lost, because you have not been able to speak your truth, tell your story, or state your opinion? What moments do you regret because you left something unsaid and now the person is no longer here?

As a Christian, I am not encouraging you to just “Tell it like it is!” or “Give people a piece of your mind!” Instead, I am asking you to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15); to tell your neighbor the truth, because we are all part of the same body (Ephesians 4:25); and to let your yes be yes, and your no be no (James 5:12). We owe it to each other to take the risk and speak the words that rest in our hearts. Take the time to say, “I love and appreciate you”. To say, “I am scared and afraid”. To say, “when you act that way it hurts my feelings”. To say, “No.” because you have too much on your plate. To say, “Yes!” to something new and wonderful. Whatever it is you need to say...say it...and say it now! Your life and relationships will be more rich, more intimate, mo’ better! LOL!

Now, I don’t honestly know the real reason that meeting room has become the “Room of Lost Words”, it could be the fact that most of us are nearing or well past 50 years of age or it could be that the room needs better ventilation, either way, I am thankful that God uses everything in our lives to teach us what we need to know to become more like Him!



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