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Citing Jesus: (Jesus, 2015).

God wants us to speak His word over our lives. He wants us to tell the devil what His word says about the situation we find ourselves in. The devil is not interested in what “I” say...he only responds to what “God” says! God brought this home to me recently as I was writing what they call a “scholarly” paper for my doctoral program. This paper required lots of research on my identified topic and I had to “cite” all of the authors whose research I used in the paper. The reason I was “citing” these author’s was to let the reader of my paper know that “I” hadn’t come up with these thoughts on my own...that in fact, these word’s...were someone else’s words who had already proven what they had written. In other words, the people I was “citing” just didn’t make the stuff up they were qualified to speak on the topic!

As I began to lament about why I had to “cite” these researchers for their proven work, God began to speak to me about why I need to be “citing” Him as a regular practice in my life. He reminded me of all of the times in His word that He tells me how important it is to know His word, to speak His word, and to “cite” it with “In Jesus name.” He explained to me that I need to take the time, to research His word about my identified topic, and cite Jesus in every situation that is written; proving that He is who He says He is, that He does what He says He will do, and know...just like Jesus knew when the devil tempted Him in the wilderness...that we can only beat the devil and his tricks, if we rely on EVERY word that proceeds from God!

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