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Love for a Lifetime Discussion Day 10

Good Morning!

Day 10

“Watch your mouth!” was a phrase that my mom shouted to me and my sister a million times as we were growing up. Even then, I knew that this “watching of my mouth” was going to be something I would struggle with for a long time. Although my mom repeated the mantra of “watch your mouth” to both my sister and I, she said it to us for very different reasons. My sister was famous for wanting to have the last word and she tested my mom’s patience to the utmost with small little utterances after my mom had clearly said, “Don’t say another word!” I on the other hand had no desire to have the last word…instead I wanted to have the best word. Even as a child, I recognized the power of words, and did my best to say the most hurtful and cutting words with as much flair and big words I could muster. I did it all under the guise of what was then my favorite saying…”If I’m lying…then I’ll shut up!” Okay, sometimes I still say it. And sometimes by not heeding my mom’s wisdom of “watching our mouths” me and my sister paid serious and very painful consequences! LOL!

God tells us in His wisdom to “watch our mouths” too! There are several scriptures in the Bible that focus on how we should “watch our mouths” in a way that brings glory to God and show love to our fellow brothers in sisters with whom we are in relationship with. For this discussion however, I want us to focus on only two scriptures; one is about what happens when God speaks and the other is what happens when we speak.

In Isaiah 55:11 God says, “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” When God speaks it produces blessing, achievement and prosperity in our lives and in our relationships. And it ALWAYS does this. If we are not seeing blessing, achievement and prosperity in our love relationships, we have to ask ourselves, “Is it because we are not in alignment with the word of God?”

The other scripture is found in Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” What we say can bring “death or life”…those are two powerful words! Think about the words we have spoken in just the last 24 hours…Were they encouraging words that brought life or were they destructive words that brought death. Are the words coming out of our mouths ones that support dreams or kill dreams? Do they help grow faith or fear?

This verse also talks about the “words we love to speak”. Have you ever been around someone who just “loves to speak” negatively. Every word they say is one of complaining, blaming and fault finding. I know some people like this, and when I see their number on the Caller ID, I don’t pick up the phone! I also know some folks who are exhorters in the faith, they speak life and encourage me to pursue and practice my purpose…I call them! Like me and my sister, the “words we love to speak” will also bring us consequences. What are the consequences being reaped in your life? Are they serious and sometimes painful or are they full of life and love?

If we are indeed pursuing love and life and not death and destruction for our love relationships, I’ll leave you with the illustrious words of my dearest mother…”Watch your mouth!”

Research – (scriptures about our mouth)

Relate – What kind of words are coming out of your mouth? About you? About your loved ones?

Respond – Choose to speak life into a dead situation. Find a scripture that relates to your love relationship and start speaking it aloud.

Reflect – Where have you spoken death to a loved one? Do you need to go back and apologize?

Discussion Question – How has someone speaking life to you, impacted your journey?

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