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Love for a Lifetime Discussion Day 9

Good Morning!

Day 9

God has placed within each one of us the intense need and desire to be loved. Almost everything we do or say can be linked back to us trying to fulfill that deep space within us. We sometimes try to fill that space with people, places and things…having unrealistic expectations about their ability to fill this void we find ourselves sorely disappointed and resentful.

When I think back to the early days in my marriage, I am saddened by the pressure I placed on my husband to fill the love void that I had in my heart. I expected him to “make me feel loved and happy” it was his responsibility alone, I thought, and all I was to do was simply receive. Well as you can imagine this did not work! We both ended up with feelings of bitterness and dissatisfaction from trying to do something that is humanly not possible.

The truth is that God is the only one who can fill this love void in our lives. He is our Creator and as such knows our inner most needs and desires. When He formed us in our mother’s womb He knew exactly what we needed in our lives to fill our love void. Trust Him to be the One to both lead you and guide you into that truth. We can’t continue to rely on our own wisdom and look outside of ourselves to people, places and things to make us feel loved. We must turn our eyes inward and see the God inside of us who longs to fill us with His unfailing love.

Psalm 37:4 says, “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.” As we search for our love void to be filled, God is simply asking us to “take delight” in Him. Delight in the fact that He loved you so much that He sent His only begotten Son just so you could be reconciled to Him. (John 3:16). Delight in the fact that He has given you brand new mercies every day. (Lamentations 3:23). Delight in the fact that the God of this universe will perfect everything that concerns you. (Psalm 138:8).

I encourage you to release others from the impossible task of being responsible for filling your love void and to begin to take delight in the Lord, because with God all things are possible!

Research – Psalm 37:4, John 3:16, Lamentations 3:23, Psalm 138:8

Relate – How have you attempted to fill your love void?

Respond – Repeat this confession: “I will take delight in the Lord. I will trust Him to give me the desires of my heart.”

Reflect – What are your heart’s desires? Are they aligned with God’s will for your life?

Discussion Question – Why do you think God has placed this deep longing for love in our lives?

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