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Love for a Lifetime Discussion Day 7

Good Morning!

Day 7

Today we will focus on what the needs of men are. The attached video is almost 30 minutes, so it will take an investment of time on your part, but I believe that it is absolutely worth it. Watch and see!

Research – Ephesians 5 (It deserves a second reading!)

Relate – Does the needs shared in this video resonate with me? If not, why? How has watching this video changed how you think about the needs of men?

Respond – Now that you know what the needs of both women and men are, communicate with your spouse or loved one about how each of you can meet the needs of the other? If you are single, journal or discuss with a friend how you would respond to the other sexes needs?

Reflect – How effective are you at meeting the needs of your spouse or loved one? What can you do to be more intentional about meeting those needs?

Discussion Question – What are your thoughts about the contents of this video? What “Aha!” moment(s) did you have while watching?

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